Now that we’re in December, we know that the new year is probably on your mind too! New Year’s means new plans, so why not consider taking a few steps to start planning your next renovation?

We’ve compiled a short list of tips on how to plan for your next renovation, from thinking over the features you’d like to see to setting a realistic budget for yourself. These tips are a sure way to help you get ready for the next renovation on your home!

Set a budget

Setting a budget early on, even before your next renovation is actually under way, can help lay the groundwork for your plan. When setting a budget, some important things to take into consideration are:

  • Expected labor costs
  • Materials that you’d like to see used
  • Special features
  • Overall project time

If you’ve been considering a renovation for your home for some time, you’ve undoubtedly got an idea of what you’d like to spend. Taking that general estimate will help you see if your budget will work well for the renovation you have in mind!

Consider What You Want

This tip is quite straight forward! Take some time to consider what exactly you’d like to see in your next renovation.

Are you looking to renovate the kitchen completely or the bedrooms? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What materials do you see being used?
  • Are there specific lighting features you want?
  • What are your design tastes?
  • Do you have accessibility concerns to keep in mind for any renovations?

Being able to look at your next renovation with specific things that you want to see come from it is a huge deal! It allows you to keep planning with an understanding of the final result.

Make A Timeline

Making a flexible timeline can help you to really see what shape your next renovation might take. A great way to start a home renovation timeline is to choose your start date. Whether you’re already working with a contractor such as HRGC or you’re still looking, setting a potential start date can help you to start prepping! 

Knowing the timeline will also allow you to keep track of the renovation once it does get started.

Looking to Get Started?

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