When considering a substantial addition to your home, there are plenty of routes to go. But an in-law suite, growing in popularity even before the pandemic, might be the perfect addition now! They can easily allow you to see your parents/in-laws as opposed to having to go and visit a residential home.

An in-law suite can be used in a variety of ways: to house your parents when they reach an age where living on their own is difficult or as a way to bring in additional income as a rental or AirBnB.

Today we’ll focus on some of the benefits of an in-law suite and what to keep in mind when you’re considering such an addition!

Benefits of An In-Law Suite

The biggest benefit to adding an in-law suite is going to be that you’ll have your parents living close by! If that’s the kind of closeness you and your family are all about, an in-law suite is a perfect option to bring your parents close and offer an alternative to a potential stay in a nursing home. 

Other benefits can include:

  • Having a place for adult children to live
  • Having more private space
  • Bringing in rental income

An in-law suite can bring a lot of flexibility and some unique elements to your home!

How to Add An In-Law Suite

There are a few different ways that you might be able to go about adding an in-law suite. Once you’ve looked into things like zoning laws (will you be able to build a stand alone in-law suite if you want to?), finances, and contractors like HRGC to work with, the next step is to determine how you want to bring the in-law suite to your home.

There’s a few ways to do this! We’ll go through a few below to give you some ideas to think over.

1: Garage Conversion

A garage conversion might be a perfect option if you’re not getting much use out of the space. With the garage already being built, things might need to be added to the space like insulation, heating or AC, wall outlets and plumbing.

A garage conversion might also offer additional privacy to your parents as opposed to converting an unused room in the house!

2: Attic Conversion

If you have an attic that’s large enough and tall enough, it might be worth looking into converting it. Some unique aspects that can come from an attic conversion include skylights and an overall bright space!

There are specific requirements that an attic must meet before a conversion can get started, but that’s where a skilled contractor comes in!

3: Standalone

A popular option for an in-law suite is always the standalone. If you gave enough space on your property, building a standalone suite might be the perfect option for you and your parents. Areas most often included in a suite are a living space, a bedroom, bathroom, and a kitchen.

A standalone provides both privacy and an extra sense of independence that your parents will surely appreciate.

Looking to Get Started?

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