Spending the past couple of years indoors has apparently had a deep and profound effect on everyone’s psyche. COVID forced us all to spend more time in our homes, with our families, secluded from the world around us. The time away from the world has taught us to appreciate the lives we lived pre-pandemic.

If you haven’t heard of maximalism and aren’t sure what it is, that’s understandable. But you probably understand it by its description. Maximalism is the opposite of minimalism, the encouragement of knick knacks that reflect personality, world travels, memorabilia, and color. Maximalism incorporates the things you display in your home that add personality and character. It’s the things we surround ourselves with to feel better. The pandemic has brought the art of the tchotchke back to life for all of us.

But in this new era of maximalism, there is form and function to the display and purpose of every item. It’s not thrown together with reckless abandon. Everything still has its place. But the choice of items is much more purposeful and meaningful. 

Pieces used in this style are important, laden with emotional attachment. And they have sentimental value. Each piece represents a memory, a moment, a feeling, a piece of joy on display. Maximalism is about combining form, function and joy together in one item. 

It’s not just about clutter. In fact, each piece should be a true reflection of its owner. Whether purchased simply for their aesthetic value or acquired through life’s adventures, homeowners should carefully curate the pieces they choose to keep on display in their homes. It’s a chance to share the life you’ve lived through your decor. 

The point of maximalism is to create a cozy, inviting, colorful environment that beckons anyone to come sit a while. Enjoy a cup of tea and reminisce with memories conjured by a room full of treasures. 

Maximalism has been around for centuries, but took a back seat for years as minimalism ushered in a clean look with harsh lines and open spaces. But time spent in our homes waiting out the pandemic taught us that the cold hard feel of minimalism was too cold to stand. 

To embrace maximalism in your home, add plants, art, colorful rugs, throw pillows, and of course tchotchkes that reflect your personality. Fill each room with items that bring joy into your life and fill the room with soul. Don’t be afraid to mix and match – there’s really no wrong way to do it. You can feel free to embrace your eclectic vibes in this design style. It’s the perfect way to go for someone who loves the boho feel of useful clutter.

If your home doesn’t fit the lifestyle or design you’re looking for, maybe it’s time for a redesign of some of your space. Let us help you plan your projects. We will sit down with you, discuss your vision and map out a way to get you there. 

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