Prior to World War II, it was customary for multiple generations to live together under one roof. But with the economic boom that followed the war, the single-family home rose in popularity and continued to dominate the real estate market for decades.

Then, Covid-19 happened.

With everyone stuck inside their homes, multigenerational living gained appeal, especially to millennial homebuyers. The National Association of Realtors® reported 15% of US homebuyers elected for multigenerational homes in 2020.

So what does it mean to own a multigenerational home? It could mean a family with children and grandparents all living in one home. It could be a middle-aged couple housing their adult children. It could even include additional family members, like siblings and their families living with their parents. There are many scenarios when it comes to multigenerational housing. Just think of extended families all sharing a home and you can imagine the many possibilities.

A home that accommodates an extended family, however, can take on as many shapes and sizes as the families themselves. It can be a single home with amenities to serve individual family members. It could be separate living spaces for different generations, like a mother-in-law suite or garage apartment. It can even mean a duplex where two homes are separated by a wall. No matter what your definition of multigenerational housing is, there are many options to explore to find the right home for your family.

What matters most

According to a recent study from the National Association of Realtors®, more than half of young adult home buyers want to avoid doing renovations in a new home. In fact, it was a top priority. But that mindset changed with age. Gen Xers are more inclined to buy a home with the intention of renovating to suit their families’ needs. In fact, many older home buyers buy with the expectation of renovations to make any home they purchase into the home they want.

With that realization, it’s natural to see a rise in home renovations as well as homes already designed to house different family situations. Homebuilders today are aware of the multigenerational trend and have incorporated some amenities in their newer multi-family designs. 

Still, other families have opted to renovate their current homes to accommodate their new family living desires. Home renovations, in many instances, save the families money and can be customized so the homeowners can get exactly what they need for their families.

At the end of the day, there are many options for families seeking multigenerational homes. It simply depends on what the families want most and what their priorities are. That’s different for every family. 

Benefits of multigenerational living

In the 19th century, it was common practice to have multiple generations living together and families benefited a great deal from it. Children growing up with their grandparents, adult siblings, and sometimes even an aunt or uncle all in the same house benefited from having so much of their extended family around.

Living through the pandemic saw an increase in families living together, taking care of each other. They were able to support, comfort, and watch over each other, which helped with their mental health, among other benefits.

Another benefit of families living together in the same house is the cost. With multiple families pitching in to cover housing, everyone’s burden is eased. If you’ve ever run out of money and had to move back in with your parents, you can relate.

More and more, as this trend grows, homes are increasingly being sold with added accommodations included. And homebuyers are loving it. When buyers find a home with a mother-in-law suite already built onto it, buyers are finding it much more attractive in many cases. 

For home sellers wondering if that extra apartment they renovated over the garage, or the separate mother-in-law suite will add value to their home when it’s time to sell, the answer is, more and more often – yes!

If your home doesn’t fit the lifestyle or design you’re looking for, maybe it’s time for a redesign of some of your space. Let us help you plan your projects. We will sit down with you, discuss your vision and map out a way to get you there. 

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