Home improvement became a huge trend in 2021. It’s no surprise that the pandemic changed the way we all live our daily lives. We were all banished from the public and forced to spend more time in our homes, leading us to rethink how we live in them. As a result, some exciting reno trends popped up this year that will probably continue into 2022.

Kitchen remodel with extended island
Modern remodel kitchen with extended island

Kitchen – The Central Hub

Kitchen renovations reigned supreme in 2021. The kitchen has always been the central hub of any home. Working and schooling kids at home, homeowners needed to create a better kitchen space to serve multiple functions, including meal prep, entertainment, and working areas. Kitchens have always been a popular reno, but it was more about functionality than design this past year.

People need more space for work and privacy
Having a little space for private reflection or work has become a central focus.

Walls are Back – Big Home Improvement in 2021

During quarantine, finding quiet spaces for work, school, and a little peace, became the biggest challenge for open floor plans. Homeowners realized that the openness didn’t lend itself to privacy. They opted to make some renovations to create spaces that accommodate their new realities. Homeowners are ditching their enormous entertainment centers for wall-hanging TVs to clear more floor space, as well.

Carpets are out. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is the new hot trend.
Durable, easy-to-care-for flooring that still looks amazing prevails.

Carpet is So Passé

Many homeowners are pulling up the carpet and replacing it with durable vinyl flooring. It makes sense with pets, children, and general wear, especially when everyone is spending more time indoors than ever. In 2021, more homeowners made the switch from carpet to hard floorings, like luxury vinyl plank.

Guest rooms with work space
Renting out rooms with office workspace is trending

Destination Guest Room – Home Improvement for Profit in 2021

In spite of everything, rental properties and spaces saw a huge uptick in 2021. Homeowners are creating destination guest rooms in their homes, not just their vacation rentals. Many have added additional amenities to make their guests’ stay more accommodating, including a desk for those work-from-home travelers who need a quiet space for zoom meetings. You might also find a coffee station, added art on the walls, and even themed rooms to make any guest feel at home (or away on vacation.)

Master bedroom makeovers topped the reno list
Homeowners carved out some extra space in master bedroom makeovers

Master Bedroom Hideaways

Spending so much time at home, it makes sense that the room we consider our sanctuary might need an upgrade, as well. Homeowners invested heavily in their master bedrooms, creating more work, sleep, and relaxation spaces. The master bathroom also got a lift. In the past 18+ months, finding a little spot to call your own became the top priority for homeowners. If travel was out of the question, then creating a personal paradise in the home had to do.

Outdoor patio with fire pit
Patios and outdoor spaces got a facelift with added features like fire pits and cabanas

Backyard Paradise – Safety Home Improvement in 2021

Indoor gatherings were taboo, so the outdoors became our retreat. Cautious homeowners invested in their outdoor spaces. Backyards transformed into welcoming wonderlands, fitted with splendid decking, firepits, outdoor kitchens, and more. On both the front and back of homes, enclosed patios provided year-round entertaining potential while also creating more quiet spaces to sneak away. Homeowners could safely entertain friends and family outdoors with this fun trend. Not to mention the resale value jump that adding a backyard retreat adds. Backyard makeovers were one of the best home improvement trends of 2021.

Landscaping residential home
Landscaping and curb appeal took center stage

Curb Appeal is Still a Thing

Homeowners want to love their homes. Sprucing up curb appeal, adding some colorful foliage, and generally keeping things looking tidy gave homeowners a sense of pride while also providing an outlet for restless energy. Many found themselves out in the flower beds, hands in the dirt, planting, clipping, and maintaining lawns through the past year.

So many home improvement trends peaked in 2021 that have the potential to continue into 2022. People have realized the importance of sanctuary in their homes. You can expect to see more design elements that cater to that sense of privacy and relaxation, even as new construction picks up the pace again. Look for designers to find new ways to accommodate a new sense of self and intimacy in the coming years.