The pandemic, since March 2020, has redefined our living spaces. And since that time, the home office is now a central part of many more homes than just a few years ago. Remember when a home office was a luxury

Today, the home office is integral. Even if your home doesn’t have a dedicated room, per se, for an office, you can still create a beautiful, functional space to encourage productivity. Here are 7 of the best home office ideas we’ve found across the internet.


One trend we’ve seen quite a bit throughout the year is minimalism. It’s probably because clutter in your space creates clutter of the mind, but we’re loving the “less is more” mentality. When it comes to creating the perfect, highly-productive workspace, less creates a clean, modern look and feel. We love this home office idea for 2022.

Great Lighting

Don’t skimp on the window spaces. You’re going to want that infusion of vitamin D while you’re spending time working. Creating your workspace near a natural light source, no matter how big or small will keep your home office well-lit and cheery. Your mental clarity will keep you focused on getting stuff done.

Functional Beauty

No matter how small your office space has to be due to space constraints, don’t sacrifice the functionality of your furniture. Find a desk that fits your space and your work. Think vertically as well as horizontally when it comes to storage. If your space is limited, imagine a desk that features plenty of stacked shelves. And even a desk that folds up out of the way when you’re not using it. 

We found this one in Architectural Digest and think it’s gorgeous and functional.

Photo: Roger Davies. Credit: Architectural Digest

Don’t Skimp on Your Chair

We can’t stress this enough. When you spend hours upon hours in one chair, you want to make sure it’s not just functional, but ergonomic. Trust us on this. Your back, hips, legs, and neck will thank you.  This one idea will change how you spend your time in your home office altogether in 2022.

The best chairs will support your spine, provide a comfortable fit, and protect your posture. If you have shorter legs, this might be an issue. But you can find footstools to help keep your legs in the correct position for hours of sitting.

Finding a supportive and comfortable office chair is essential for your home office in 2022.

Bright, White, and Clean

Something about the color white makes spaces look open and clean, creating the illusion of roominess. We’re on board with that idea. Plus, all the pictures of offices bathed in white just look bright, warm, and joyful.

Add a Pop of Color

Having said white makes your space feel clean, we also love the idea of an accent wall, painted in a bright, warm, or contrasting color. A single brightly-painted wall can add a little (or a lot of) extra happiness to the space. In 2022, expect to see more home offices with bold color added in creative ways.

Add just a bit of bright color to an accent wall, a piece of furniture or art to brighten up your workspace.

If the idea of an entire wall of color is too much, try adding a bit of color to an accent piece or maybe a colorful piece of artwork on the wall. The added benefit of bright colors bolsters your focus and productivity. 

There’s plenty of science behind color psychology. Depending on the color you choose, you could add a lot of richness to your space.

Personalize It

This is the most important factor to make your home office feel like your personal space. Surround yourself with mementos that will inspire and keep you focused on the task at hand. 

Personalize your space to create inspiration and help you focus. Productivity is key when creating the perfect home office in 2022.

Stephen King said, “It starts with this: put your desk in the corner, and every time you sit down there to write, remind yourself why it isn’t in the middle of the room. Life isn’t a support system for art. It’s the other way around.” 

Your office isn’t supposed to drive your work. You are the master of your productivity.  Surround yourself with the things you need to keep the productivity flowing, but never depend on your desk to give you motivation.