Do you have a slightly outdated kitchen that could use a facelift? Do you need a kitchen renovation without breaking the bank? It’s possible by contacting the right company…

Note: Nance Construction was formerly known as HRGC. This project was shortly before we adopted the new name.

Unavoidable “Before” Pics

ausman kitchen before picture 1
ausman kitchen before picture 2

This particular kitchen was giving us early 2000’s nostalgia. It had off-white painted cabinets that you could see the wood grain through, topped with a very natural colored granite countertop. This client wanted to leave Razr phones and MySpace in the 2000’s, along with this kitchen. It was time to modernize.

First Step in Kitchen Renovation

Let’s give the guys the room to work! We removed the granite countertops from the house and dismantled the cabinets. Next, we removed the backsplash with our handy putty knives. Finally we were left with some unfinished drywall… our blank canvas.

starting construction on kitchen image 1 hrgc
starting construction on kitchen image 2 hrgc

Next step in the process is ensuring all the electrical was fed to where we needed it to go. We installed brand new wall outlets and patched the gigantic holes left in the drywall.

ausman kitchen drywalling picture 1 hrgc
ausman kitchen drywalling picture 2 hrgc

Here Comes the Cabinets

Now the cabinets come in! This client’s budget allocated enough for new cabinets so we assisted them in recommending these sleek, modern white cabinets. They wanted to keep the layout similar to what it was prior to the kitchen renovation, but we moved away from the colonial design that was there before. We recommended these polished, nickel hardware to go along with them. They chose knobs for the draws and pulls for the swinging doors.

ausman kitchen cabinet picture 1 hrgc
ausman kitchen cabinet picture 2 hrgc

Next we installed these gorgeous countertops to match the brand new cabinets. They are so smooth you can balance a nickel on them. They turned out perfect for this project. On top of installing the countertops (see what we did there), we placed new light switches and outlet covers.

ausman kitchen countertops 1 hrgc
ausman kitchen countertops 1 hrgc

After installing LED lights under the cabinets, we were finally able to install brand new, stainless steel appliances and a glass cabinet. We were ecstatic to hear that our clients wanted a gas hookup for the stove.

ausman kitchen gas oven and microwave

We put the final touches on the kitchen which included installing the faucet and decorating. No kitchen renovation is complete without a liquor cabinet. We installed white subway tile backsplash under the cabinets and it turned out better than we even initially thought… and we thought it was going to look magnificent. 

Are you ready? Drumroll please…..

ausman kitchen complete hrgc
ausman kitchen complete 2 hrgc
ausman kitchen complete 3 hrgc
ausman kitchen complete 4 hrgc

When renovating your kitchen, know that it is a pretty big investment. This is why it is even more important to ensure you’re working with a talented design team and contracting business. It just so happens that we know the right people….

If you have been thinking of remodeling and renovating your kitchen, whether on a budget or “the sky’s the limit”, give us a call. We would be thrilled to transform your space into the dream you’ve always wanted