When it comes to making changes to the home, there are plenty of ways to switch things up without adding a new room or sacrificing rooms inside the home that already get a great deal of use. One great solution is to convert the garage into a private home office space. Perhaps you just don’t really park your car there and it’s become more of a storage wasteland as opposed to useful space.

Garage conversion into a home office gives you some separation from the main living area and can serve as your dedicated work space.

There certainly are some important steps to take into consideration when thinking about undertaking a garage transformation!

Sort Out the Basics of Garage Conversion

The first step is to make sure that your garage is a space that is usable for permanent living. Insulation might be needed for the walls and different flooring might need to be considered as well if the garage’s floor is plain concrete! Most garages are not insulated with the idea of permanent use (such as a home office) in mind, so taking insulation, flooring, and the potential addition of windows under consideration is a great place to start.

The logistics behind renovating a garage are always the best place to start. Working with a contractor that offers home renovations and additions services is recommended, especially since they’ll be able to bring in experienced builders and keep everything as cost-effective as possible.

Overall Layout

You might want to keep the overall open layout that your garage currently has when you convert it into a home office. But you may also prefer to see about adding in some additional walls for added separation of the space. This can all be dependent on your preferred style, whether you love the open-office style that’s been popular recently or you’d like to go with a specific corner of the garage to be your new office where you can happily display all your favorite movie posters.

Evaluate Your Garage Before Conversion

Lighting – Windows or New Overhead Lights?

Making necessary renovations to the walls and layout of the garage are both important, but consider the kind of lighting you’d like to see as well. Since most garages don’t have much natural light beyond when the door is open, consider if you’d like to have windows added during the renovation process.

Always wanted dramatic french doors that you could throw open in the middle of a rainstorm? Those might be the perfect choice to take the place of your garage door!

If you’re more into some stunning overhead lighting, no matter your decor in your new office, you can work with your contractor on the best kind of lighting to work into the space as well.

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