COVID-19 has impacted the world in many ways. This brings up the question of what will commercial office space look like post-COVID? With many companies moving as remote as possible where they can, office space is caught in the middle of some change.

Move Away From Open Office Designs?

Over the past decade, the move into large, open office spaces has been steady. From the offices in Silicon Valley to startups, open office spaces have always had a modern feel to them. Cubicles have moved away while more flexible workspaces took over.

In an article from the Harvard Business Review where they did a deep dive into commercial office spaces that had an open layout, they came to the conclusion that no single best workspace will ever be found. It’s up to the space’s users to figure out what works best for their employees and the work they are doing. 

As we move into the future, will the open office design work still? Some reports slate the open office as a health hazard and many experts say that many aspects of this kind of commercial office space will need to change.

Future of Commercial Office Spaces

With an expected shift away from open office spaces, what can we expect to see in the future?

One of the biggest things to expect will be an emphasis on physical distancing. There will surely be guidelines to physical distancing in any given commercial office space which will include definitions of how much space needs to be kept between people and the occupancy rate of any given space.

This may happen in a variety of ways. Spacing out workstations is one solution as well as implementing physical barriers around workstations such as moveable walls and cubicle walls.

Assigned seating (remember grade school?) might see a comeback. This might prove useful in open office spaces that need to be renovated or re-worked or in commercial office spaces that previously had an “open” seating style.

Conference rooms that previously held a large number of people may be reworked, reconfigured, or completely closed. Again, cubicle walls or a more permanent solution may be used to rework conference rooms.

Returning to Work

When it comes to the changes we’ll see in commercial office spaces post-COVID, be ready to see a shift. Workspaces will need to be adjusted before and possibly after places start to reopen and people return to work.

Effective commercial office space planning and occupancy planning are going to play a key role in returning to work! Social distancing using furniture, workstations, offices, and how people move through the office space will be important.

Looking to Adjust A Commercial Office Space?

In a post-COVID world, you may be looking to renovate or rework a commercial office space in Charlotte, North Carolina or the surrounding area. As a full-service contractor with over 25 years of experience, HRGC is ready and capable of helping you figure out the best adjustments to be made post-COVID so your business can get back to work. Contact us for more information!