Multigenerational Living is Back

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Prior to World War II, it was customary for multiple generations to live together under one roof. But with the economic boom that followed the war, the single-family home rose in popularity and continued to dominate the real estate market for decades. Then, Covid-19 happened. With everyone stuck inside their homes, multigenerational living gained appeal, [...]

7 Home Office Ideas for 2022

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The pandemic, since March 2020, has redefined our living spaces. And since that time, the home office is now a central part of many more homes than just a few years ago. Remember when a home office was a luxury?  Today, the home office is integral. Even if your home doesn’t have a dedicated room, [...]

Best Home Improvement Trends of 2021

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Home improvement became a huge trend in 2021. It’s no surprise that the pandemic changed the way we all live our daily lives. We were all banished from the public and forced to spend more time in our homes, leading us to rethink how we live in them. As a result, some exciting reno trends [...]

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